Featured Client – Elisabeth Ann Kline – Photographer

Whether she may be entwined with a tree nestling quietly with the branches, using incredible agility and flexibility to frame the best angles, or in the middle of rocking out at a live show with the crowd – Elisabeth Ann Kline truly does accomplish her goal – “…to capture life as it happens.”

Elisabeth’s passion to observe and capture life’s beautiful splendor, with a colorful splash of her own, can be accredited to growing up in a small town in Indiana. Life can seem as quick as a flash! However, by using our advanced website building technology Elisabeth has found it so easy to use leaving her more time to keep life “…moving and vibrant,”  as Elisabeth prefers it to be.

Redframe offers such a wide range of features which has allowed our talented photographer to maximize her creativity and efficiency. She has thoughtfully customized her website to fit her  customers’ needs. Subsequently making the process more business-friendly which provides affordability and flexibility. Our team at Redframe congratulates Elisabeth on creating such a stellar example of how to use our tools and features to build a unique website.

Here are some of the ways that Elisabeth Ann Photography © takes full advantage of Redframe’s powerful features to build a site perfectly suited to Elisabeth’s Photography business.
Custom Pricing in Redframe

When it came to affordability and flexibility in pricing, Elisabeth presents her customers with many options. She found this possible through Redframe’s ability to allow different pricing methods. She was able to fully describe her diverse set of photo shoot packages including photos, photo-based products, and other additional services.

Our shopping cart feature allows you to get paid directly and your customers will not be required to sign up or pay a fee. Additionally, Redframe’s custom pricing features allows you to accept requests for more complex orders. We also noticed that Elisabeth likes to give her customers discounts; she can do so by using our “Create a Coupon” feature which generates a unique coupon code which automatically calculates the coupon price for customers at checkout.

Social Media in Redframe

It’s pretty well known by now that social media platforms are powerful tools for promoting products and services. Why?

Being a social butterfly online has its perks!

Simply put; it is free advertising for your website! Having one or several active social media account links is a great way to pique the interest of potential customers. Simply because friends of your customers and fans like to share great websites! Hooray!

Thank you for reading about our featured site!

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