Featured Client – Full Frame Events – Green Screen Specialists

United Kingdom based Full Frame Events specialize in instant Green Screen photography and live Green Screen Video delivery. Their unique service is used to create memorable experiences at corporate events and special occasions across Europe. Their “Green Screen Live Video” has proven to be a popular attraction at events as large as the Formula 1 in Bahrain and the 2012 London Olympics.  They use the latest technology to deliver a cutting edge product to their clients almost instantly and have decided to use Redframe to present their product to the world. Taking advantage of several of the many features has allowed them to get the most out of their website.

Mass Photo and Video Loading Capacity

 As busy event photographers with a full slate of bookings, Full Frame Events takes full advantage of the truly unlimited number of images and galleries that they can upload and display on the site. A robust menu system allows for all of these galleries and images to be organized and displayed in a coherent manner. The ability to create private galleries also allows them to create client specific collections that are password protected. There were no better alternatives than Redframe at handling the sheer volume of Full Frame Events’ online collection

Eye Catching Widgets!

With a constant stream of events to be booked Full Frame Events has made optimum use of space on their pages through the use of powerful widgets.  Adding custom buttons, thumbnails or other widgets  is a great eye-catching way to display content and  information. Full Frame Events takes advantage of sidebar widgets to display their contact information, display images and show their facebook stream. They also make use of the social media widgets offered to keep connected with their active social media accounts.

Track Most Popular Images

In any business being able to identify what your clients like and dislike is very important. Likewise, Full Frame Events enjoys making their clients happy and providing them with what they want. Through using the Website Stats feature they have the ability to track the most popular images [ed note: keep an eye out for an improved statistics area coming soon]. Full Frame can use this useful information to decide which props and costumes to keep on hand when servicing an event.

Find out more about Full Frame Events by visiting their Redframe powered site –   Full Frame Events – Green Screen  Specialists © 2012