Featured Client – Living Shasta Photography by Karrie Ann Snure

Karrie Ann Snure introduces her passion for life and her harnessed craft, Living Shasta Photography, much like a dream. I found myself  happily singing that popular nursery rhyme –

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

– as I explored the magnetic energy that Karrie Ann created throughout her website.  Essentially she created an online meeting place that very nicely embodied her ethereal imagination as a photographer. Living beside Mount Shasta since 1985, she spent years discovering “the many special places that can capture the mystery and magic of any occasion.”  Often finding herself relishing in the ever changing moods and compelling forces of Mt. Shasta’s beauty.

Please join me in focusing our hearts and attention upon the moments that generate so much love and gratitude for this life…Love is the way” ~ Karrie Ann

Redframe offers the full versatility Karrie Ann needs to epitomize her eye for detail as she captures magic on land and in the virtual world.  She credits her adventures “backpacking, rafting, traveling the mountains on horseback”, as well as her family for providing the fuel for her creative vision. Karrie Ann puts her heart into her craft and this is clearly expressed through her thoughtful composition of her Redframe website space. She effectively illustrates her passion for giving her clients a highly creative experience unlike any other. She smartly utilizes many of Redframe’s advanced features and tools to create her effect.

“I focus my pricing on the value of the time I spend with you, my skill, style and the ability to own your archivable, printable dvd of images.” ~ Karrie Ann

Photo Sharing

Many of us would agree that what makes photography so magical is the ability to allow us to remember vividly a moment in life perpetually. Oftentimes moments pass by much too quickly so when we do capture them and the feelings they invoke in us, most often we want to share them. Karrie Ann provides her clients with the option to share photos by using our drop-down Menu button to link to her Picasa web albums for shared events. Another cool feature she uses is adding a pop-out message to a photo that she wanted people to read before viewing it. 

Exclusive Advanced Customized Features!

There is a section we offer in our Redframe Admin called “Custom CSS” where you can pretty much add any extra features you could imagine in addition to our standard features. This is an advanced feature that you have FULL control over and you can custom design in to your heart’s desire. Karrie Ann takes advantage of her easy access to an advanced user, her husband, who is comfortable editing raw CSS files ( Ed. Note: We do advise you use this section with or as an advanced user or developer).  

Purchases from Customers made Intuitive and Easy

With much to explore and find on Karrie Ann’s website she gives versatility to the purchasing process for quick access. She subtly adds links and buttons to make purchasing simple and easy to use for her customers without overwhelming them. 

Find out more about Living Shasta Photography by Karrie Ann by visiting her Redframe powered site – Living Shasta Photography