Featured Client – Barker Photography

Today’s Featured Site is Barker Photography, based in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

Studio principal Stephen Barker has 28 years experience as a professional photographer, graduating from Wellington Polytechnic School of Design in 1984 (now called Massey University). Barker specializes in commercial, editorial and event photography, including aerial, advertising, architecture, corporate, product, industrial, rural, media, public relations, sports, reunions, school balls, conferences and award ceremonies.

Barker has done a fantastic job of using the tools available with his Redframe site to enhance his customer’s experience and promote his services. Here’s how Barker has taken advantage of Redframe’s powerful features.

Custom Logo

Barker used the Custom Logo uploader to add his graphical logo to his website header. He created his own .PNG graphic and uploaded it to his site through the Redframe Admin under ‘Appearance and Settings -> Manage Your Logo’ by clicking on ‘Choose File’, selecting your logo image, and then clicking ‘Upload Logo’.

Image Showcase

An extensive showcase is used on the home page

Barker’s site uses the Redframe showcase on the home page to elegantly display a his collection of works. Using the ‘curtain’ transition effect, the images elegantly transition from one to the next. He also makes good use of custom widgets on his homepage to feature several galleries as well as connect with his Facebook site.  Visiting other pages on the site reveals a good use of the page editor and custom page creation.

Unlimited Galleries

Barker Photography uses Redframe’s unlimited galleries to its full potential

Probably the most impressive feature on the Barker Photography is the vast array of galleries featured on the site. As Stephen Barker continues to shoot new photography, he uses the Redframe Admin to update his most recent photo shoots to his Event Galleries. Barker uses Redframe to feature his extensive collection of hundreds of galleries and to organize them in sensible fashion. Barker also makes good use of the Gallery Thumbnails option in the menu to enhance navigation.

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