Customizing Your Galleries Part 2: Presentation Options

This is part 2 in a series about customizing your Redframe galleries. Check out Part 1 and Part 3

Have you decided that you are ready to change the way your gallery looks and acts but aren’t sure how to start? Let’s start into it here with the presentation options. These are the settings that will change the way your gallery looks.

Let’s start with the first two options which are Image On Page or Pop Up Image.

gallery presentation options


Image On Page

Using image on page will result in a layout where the thumbnails are on the page beside the featured image. The main image can be on the right side or left side using a setting we will cover below.

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Pop Up Image

Choosing Pop Up image will result in a gallery where the main image will appear above the thumbnails once it is chosen to be viewed.


 Image On Page

Using the ‘image on page’ option will provide the following options:

Thumbnail Position:

The thumbnail position is pretty straight forward. You can either have the thumbnails appear on the left or right of your featured image.

Image Size:

Once again the option is as straight forward as it sounds. The options are fractions of the page width.The larger the fraction the larger your image will be in relation to the space your thumbnails take up. 

The next two obvious options are the ability to control the size of the thumbnails and whether the will be on the right or the left of the featured image. The size of the thumbnail will effect how many will be displayed on your site. The larger the thumbnail, the less there will be on screen. The number of thumbnails on the screen will also be affected by what resolution your client is viewing your site at. Redframe will calculate to show the maximum number of thumbnails that will fit and then provide pagination to navigate to any remaining images in your gallery.

The other area that you can control the appearance of your gallery is how the feature image shows up. We’ve already covered the size of the image above, but we can also control whether or not to show the image name and caption as well as the water mark.

So combined, all these options allow you to control many aspects of how your gallery looks. You can change them to your hearts content until you get the exact look that you want and also have the option to make each of your galleries appear different from the other ones. Cool Stuff.