Customizing Your Galleries Part 3: Slide Show Options

This is part 3 in a series about customizing your Redframe galleries. Check out Part 1 and Part 2

Want your users to sit back, relax and enjoy viewing your images? Your Redframe gallery provides you with total control over how your slideshow acts. In this article I will be covering a few of the options that can altered to best present your images. Be sure to remember that you always have the option of creating a custom gallery for each and everyone of your galleries. that is covered here.

The first option is the Transition Effect. your options here are none, fade, slide top, or slide side. Fade is an alpha or opacity transition from one image to the next. Slide top will animate the image in from the top down and Slide Side will animate the image in from the outside. Choosing None will simply show the next image with now transition effect at all.

The Large image frame option is a very subtle change to the appearance of your gallery. You are given two options, either ‘none’ or ‘clearframe’ . Choosing  ‘clearframe’ will add a subtle frame around your large image. Not much of a change but still some custom control over your look.

Getting back to the slide show controls we can now look at changing the transition speed and the slide show speed. These options probably sound too similar and one of them should probably be renamed (please leave any suggestions in the comments) but for now let’s get into figuring them out.

Transition Speed is the time it takes to animate from one image to the next. If your transition effect is set to none then this is not really applicable, however, for the other effects, it can noticeably alter them. The transition speed can be between 0.5 seconds and 1 second. Half a second might not seem like much but it can change the smoothness of the effect. find the speed you are happy with.

Slide Show Speed is the amount of time that an image stays on the page before transitioning to the next image. The slider control allows you to choose between 5 and 10 seconds. It’s up to you to control the experience.

The other options regarding the slideshow are setting it to play automatically when a user arrives at your gallery and whether or not to show the slideshow controls. I really recommend that if you choose to auto play your slideshow you don’t hide your controls so that your user has some control, but the good thing is that what you do is really up to you.