Add Texture to Your Site Background

We are happy to introduce our Background Overlay feature!  This feature allows for an even  more  customized look and feel to your website.  Using it gives your site a quick and easy facelift.  Using layers, inversion, and an overlay blending mode, the background overlay tool  can result in a simple but striking effect. To access this feature, go to the Manage Appearance area of your admin (control panel) > Click the Backgrounds tab >then choose the Manage Background Pattern Overlay option.

Hundreds of preset textures are supplied (including brains and intestines for some reason), so choose one you like and start playing with it. Adjust the size and opacity of the texture pattern or even invert it to alter the effect. Experiment with it until you find something that strikes your fancy. Try it over a fullscreen background image or a solid background color. There are limitless possibilities that can be created so it’s best to play with the tools and see what you can come up with. You can use the tool to create an intricate repeating pattern or over a full screen background image to mute it a little.

Ability to add your own image and apply the Background Overlay over it.

Ability to add your own image and apply the Background Overlay over it.

What else could this feature be used for?  Here are a couple other benefits that may be of use to you:

  • Enhance texture / Increase local contrast.
  • Creates a special muted half-tone look.

Have fun and enjoy exploring this new feature!