Together At Last – Site Controls and your Website

Some things are just meant to go together. Chocolate and peanut butter, Abbot and Costello, Rum and Coke, Milli and Vanilli. Okay, maybe not everything, but combining your website’s editing tools with your website is a match that pairs together well.
In our continuing effort to make managing your website even simpler, we are happy to introduce the Real-time Website Editor. This appears as a bar over your website and allows you immediate access to many of your most common site management tasks. Rest assured that your clients and anyone who visits your site will not see this bar. If you don’t wish to have the bar open, simply log out. To log back i,n a little gear will appear on the right edge of your site window. Now that we have established what it is, let’s take a look at what it can do.


what you see when you are logged out of the real time site editor

What you see when you are logged out of the Real-time Website Editor

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What you see when you are logged into the Real-time Website Editor


When you have the Real-time Website Editor open, you have immediate ability to make changes to the page or gallery that you are viewing in your website. If you want to make changes to a gallery, simply navigate to that gallery and then the “Edit This Gallery” option will appear as a green button on the editor. From there you have the option of changing the layout of the gallery, editing the existing images, or adding images to it. If you choose to change the layout or add images, you will see the changes to your gallery immediately. Finally, instant gratification!


Editing one of your pages works in much the same way. Simply go to the page of your website that you want to update and a blue “Edit This Page” button will appear. Clicking on this will bring up the Page Layout Editor where you can customize the page to your heart’s content. Update the copy, add new images, a showcase, or even widgets. The possibilities  – as we like to say – are plenty.


But wait, editing current pages and galleries are not the only thing you can do directly from the Real Time Site Editor. You can also add content to your site and immediately see the updates reflected on your site. Add new galleries or pages and the content will be added to your site where you can see the changes happen right before your eyes.

Using the editor while being able to see your site should make changes easier and more rewarding. You’ll no longer need to switch between your site administration area and your site to see any changes that you make. By combining the two together, editing and managing your site just became more efficient and more rewarding.


If you have trouble accessing any of the new features, then please contact support.