Sometimes BIGGER is Better! – New Option For Gallery Layout

Have you ever been looking at your images, and leaned in towards your monitor to get a closer look? Ever hold your iphone less than one foot from your face to get a look at some details? Bigger TV’s, bigger monitors, bigger smartphones- consumers have driven the prices of these luxuries down, and Redframe has taken that idea to heart. When you work hard to capture someone’s perfect moment, or create something inspiring, sometimes you want it to be displayed it a BIG way.

Now with our new Large Image Viewer, you can enjoy the same sharp custom look that you are used to with Redframe only larger on the screen making your work the primary focus of your site. Your background design, menu tabs and sidebar will all clear off the monitor making way for our largest image display yet. Even the navigation tools for the gallery will disappear when not in use, using the screen to fully display the details you have captured.


Navigating through the gallery images is also quicker and easier with the large Image Viewer. You can quickly scroll through the images in the gallery because a larger amount of thumbnail images appear at the bottom of the screen when the mouse is in use, or the arrow keys are used. You can click right on the gallery name to view, or hide the thumbnails. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or the arrow keys on the screen can really accelerate the scrolling system enabling customers to visually search through the gallery with ease (bigger and faster… what will they think of next?!)

You can choose this new gallery layout from your Redframe dashboard by going to ‘manage your galleries’ under ‘main menu’, then clicking ‘ layout’, or you can use our real Time Editor to make changes to a gallery while viewing your site live.
In Technology and art bigger isn’t always better, but at Redframe we think it might be just right for your galleries. Take a look at your images, supersized, and let us know what you think!