Featured Client – Alex Gupton

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Based out of Kona, Hawaii, Alex Gupton began his career in artwork twenty years ago while studying business and art in University. A profitable pasttime painting murals soon became his full time profession. Although his background was Graphic Design, and his fine art centers in the tiny detail of pen and ink creations, he soon began to paint large-scale murals. With an amazing flare for Trompe L’oeil (to trick the eye), he soon was traveling the United States painting walls and ceilings for both private and corporate clients.

Alex’s distinct artistic style lies in the interlocking details that comprise his works. You must look very closely at the detail in his artwork to fully appreciate and understand it, as lying within and forming the image as a whole is actually a collection of smaller drawings. Scenes ranging from tropical beaches and lush landscapes to wildly stylized creatures all work together to form an image, which may take as long as three months to complete.

Here are some of the ways that AlexGupton.com takes full advantage of Redframe’s powerful features to build a site perfectly suited to Alex’s art.

Customized Art Galleries

Pen and Ink Art Gallery

Alex’s art is as diverse as it is distinct. His works include pen and ink illustrations, bronze sculptures, mosiac tile art on buildings, swimming pools, and even surfboards. Redframe makes it easy for Alex to create different settings for each of his art galleries. Using the Custom Gallery Layout Settings in the Redframe Admin, Alex can showcase his art exactly how he wants.

Octopus Study in image viewer

Bronze Turtle Sculpture Gallery

Selling Art With Redframe

Redframe’s built-in shopping cart makes it easy for Alex to sell prints of his art

Using the Shopping Cart settings in the Redframe Admin, Alex has set up a PayPal-based shopping cart for select galleries on his website. Customers can order prints of Alex’s art directly through his website— and all the money goes directly to Alex*.

That’s right! Redframe does not take any transaction fees or percentages; what you earn on your website is yours to keep.

*PayPal, Square and other financial services will deduct a small percentage of each transaction, typically 2.5-2.9%. Redframe does not add any additional fees.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Redframe is optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other smart devices

Thanks to Redframe, Alex’s website is optimized to run on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other smart devices. With Redframe’s full-screen touch-sensitive image galleries, showing off Alex’s beautiful artwork has never been easier. Alex uses his website as a portfolio of his works. With Redframe Mobile, Alex always has his portfolio available to show off.

With Reframe, there’s nothing to set up or install; just activate the Mobile Gallery and Mobile Menu settings through the Redframe Admin and your site is mobile-ready.

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