Introducing Dynamic New Designs

We are pleased to announce the release of 3 new designs. The new designs represent a more minimalist approach and are ideal for users that want their images to be the predominant part of their content. These designs take advantage of our new background slideshow feature which allows you to use rotating full screen background images to make a powerful impact. Each of the designs have their own unique virtues, which you prefer is up to you. Let’s take look at the new designs:




Featuring a semi-transparent masthead that floats elegantly above your imagery, Waipio is a unique presentation that serves to highlight your images by providing a captivating visual environment. Intuitive navigation controls and a variety of customizable settings allow you to create the perfect portfolio. Seamless animations reveal page and gallery transitions.  Waipio is a bold, innovative design that presents your work in a novel and engaging context.  view example site 



Kailua is another great way to display your portfolio, showing off your most impressive images up front and enticing visitors to explore more of your work. The transparent masthead is tucked in at the top of the screen, leaving a wide open canvas to display your images. Elegant transitions between pages and galleries further enhance the visitor experience.  view example site



Odyssey is a clean, minimal design, that excels at showcasing your work. The full-page background slideshow can be easily customized to your liking. This design features a menu that hides away with a gentle animation further clearing the screen to highlight your art . view example site

Whether you are starting a new website or looking to update your current Redframe site, these new designs offer great options for you to consider. Happy site building.