Using the Background Slideshow Feature

With the recent release of our latest designs we have added the ability to have a slideshow running as the background to your site. This setting will be turned on by default in the latest designs (Waipio, Odyssey, and Kailua), but can be used in any Redframe website.

If you are working from one of the designs that uses a background slide show by default, all you need to do is go to the editor and upload your own images to use. Images in a landscape mode will work best.  It is also a good idea to ensure that you are uploading a large format of the image you want to use. Images that are smaller than the screen area will be stretched to fit and the results might not be what you desire.


Let’s quickly go through the process. We’ll start by opening the Background Slide Show Editor from the menu. The uploader interface is pretty straight forward. Either drag the images you want to upload from your computer on to the Add Photos area, or click on the area and select the files from your hard drive. Uploading will begin immediately and our servers will to the work to optimize your files for best results. Once uploaded, you can arrange the order of your images by dragging them into desired order of appearance.





Advanced Controls

Once your images are uploaded and arrange in the correct order, you have the ability to make a few other alterations to how your background slide show behaves.

Background Slide show Advanced Settings


The most commonly used option will be for control over the transition speed . This is the amount of time each image of the slideshow is displayed before transitioning to the next image. If you are using a large number of images then you might use a shorter time between images. Conversely, if you choose only to use a couple of images, you might prefer a longer pause between transitions.

There is also the option of displaying your background slide show when a visitor is on a gallery page. This is turned off by default as we assume that you will want your visitors to focus on your gallery images and not be distracted by another image in the background. There is also the matter of having 2 large images transition simultaneously might be a burden on some of your visitors that are not viewing with a modern computer and strong internet connection. However, if you wish to have your background slideshow continue in the background while on a gallery page, you can control that here.

In some instances, you might want to use the layout from one of the designs that has the background slide show on by default but turn the slide show off and just use a static background. For this scenario, the control to turn the background slideshow off is found here.

Background slideshow advanced settings


Adding The Background Slide Show

In some cases, you may want to add the background slideshow to a design that doesn’t initially come with one.  For this scenario, you’ll need to access the Background Slideshow Editor through the Appearance Editor. Checking the check box will reveal the button to open the Slideshow Editor. From there all you need to do is upload your images. Once the upload is complete, the background slideshow will be functional on your site.

Background Slideshow Access



So there is a quick introduction to using the new background slideshow feature. We hope that you enjoy using it and always look forward to seeing the unique and beautiful imagery that Redframe users create.