Just In Time For the New Year – More New Designs

Hot on the heels of the popularity of our last round of site designs (Waipio, Kailua, and Odyssey), we are happy to announce 3 more new designs of a similar nature. Making use of the new background slideshow feature, the new designs continue in the minimalist approach that has been so well received.  These designs are especially appropriate for displaying high quality, beautiful photos. We hope that you enjoy them and that they will help you in creating a powerful online presence.


illuminate screenshot


With a striking and wide open design, Illuminate provides a canvas for you to highlight your best work. This is a great theme to utilize for significant header text, as it allows the messaging to be a strong focal point of the page.  Seamless animations reveal page and gallery transitions.  Will Illuminate power up your work? Go to Appearance  > Choose A Website Design to give it a try.  view example site 


moda screenshot

Coupling a modern right-aligned sliding menu with a minimalist layout that presents each image individually, Moda lets your work showcase itself. With a clean and elegant feel, use Moda to balance your perfect shot with a perfect presentation on both desktop as well as tablet. Elegant transitions between pages and galleries further enhance the visitor experience.  view example site


element screenshot


Element uses a simple structure  to reflect the essential parts and principles of your work. Framed between earth and sky, your images are the center of attention. The design comes preset with a powerful typographic layout that gives you a platform to share your most important message. view example site

With the new year approaching you may be looking to start up the site you’ve always dreamed of having, or you may be wishing to update your current Redframe site. Either way these new designs offer great options for you to consider. Happy New Year!