Using Google+ For Better SEO

Any business looking to boost their overall search engine visibility should not ignore Google+. I know, You are already managing a Facebook page and maybe even a Twitter account, so you don’t have time to devote to another social media platform. It may seem like a Social Media afterthought, but ignoring Google+ is ignoring a great free avenue to market your site. Using Google+ can get you more traffic from Google searches? That’s right — sharing a website page on Google+ immediately gets the page indexed on Google, and helps your website rise in the rankings. Though Facebook and Twitter are important tools in your marketing efforts, their data is not accessed by Google, so they don’t help you at all with search results.
Another important advantage is that more and more online search are related to location (e.g. Portrait photographers in Springfield) and this is good news great for photographers who are primarily local businesses. Google+ Local results feature prominently in search results.

So, if you are not already using it, consider starting up with Google+ and get more visibility for your website. If you don’t already have an free account start here – Google My Business. spend a few minutes setting it up properly.

Tips For Maintaining a Google+ Account for your Business

1. Be as thorough as you can with filling out the basic information about your business. If your business has a physical address, make such to include it.

2. Whenever you add a new post or tweet to Facebook or Twitter, go to your Google+ page and make the same post there.

3. After 30 days and getting at least 10 followers, you can claim a URL that matches your brand. This will make it easier to share the link to the page in the future.

4. Make sure that you link your Google+ account to your business website.

5. After a shoot, encourage your clients to post positive reviews through their Google+ accounts.