Coming soon – Better Online Proofing

Our development team has been hard at work to introduce a sleek new platform for improved online proofing. It will improve the experience for your customers when you share their images with them, as well as giving then a platform that they are proud to show off to their friends, colleagues and clients. With a stunning cover image and the ability to include multiple galleries, it all adds up to a better way to help you show and share your images and sell more.

Q. How is this different than the current private galleries format?
A. This will have the appearance of a special mini site that you have created just for your client. Allowing them to focus on the work that you have created specifically for them.

Q. How will this help me?
A. This is a really elegant solution to showing that is another tool for selling your work. It will also allow you to keep the proofing galleries public (ie. not requiring a password) without making them visible to all visitors to your website. This allows you to keep your main website message geared to marketing your services without cluttering up the navigation with galleries you don’t want everyone to see anyhow.

Q. Anything Else?  
The Online Proofing area is built to adapt  to everything from mobile devices up to cinema display monitors, always providing an elegant and intuitive experience. The shopping cart is included and is also designed to work from mobile devices on up.

Redframe Online ProofingRedframe Online ProofingRedframe Online ProofingRedframe Online ProofingRedframe Proofing Preview

We hope to be launching this feature in the near future and will need some Redframe users to help as early testers for the product. If you are interested in getting early access and helping out, please leave a message in the comments below.