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Are you one of the many photographers using the new Online Proofing feature to display and sell more images to your clients? (If not, it’s time to try it out?). Do you wish there was an easy way to provide access to your Proofing Sets by displaying them on your website? Do you wish that could all happen automatically ? Well then I’m happy to inform you that dreams do come true. With the introduction of the Proofing Set widget, creating an always up to date Client Access page just got easier. Simply create a new page, add any explanatory text that you would like, and then add the Proofing Set Widget from the “Page Widgets” area. The widget will allow you to display your Proofing sets in a variety of layouts. You also have the ability to exclude certain Proofing Sets from appearing in the widget (and on your website) with a control in your Proofing settings.

Proofing Set Instructions from Redframe Help Desk


Display your Proofing Sets on your Website to :

  • Automatically Keep your website up to date with your new work, or new clients.
  • Create an way for your clients to find their images.
  • Make it simple for prospective clients to see samples of  your work and what they can expect
  • Keep your Menu System clear and easy to navigate.
  • Display your Proofing Sets as a portfolio on your Home Page

Once you have added the Proofing set widget to your page, your latest Proofing Sets will automatically appear on your website, displayed with a  thumbnail of the Hero Image of each Set. It’s as simple as that. No need to go back and edit your website to add you latest work – it just shows up, keeping your site relevant and up to date. If the Proofing Set is password protected then anyone clicking on the link will still need the password to be able to view the images, thereby insuring your client’s privacy. There might even be some circumstances where you or your client do not want the Set to appear on your website at all. You can prevent any particular Proofing Set from showing up in the widget (and your website) by changing the setting under advanced settings within a single Proofing Set in the.

Though online proofing has great built in tools to share the sets with your clients (definitely try to use the custom email invitation), sometimes habits are hard to break. Customers are often used to going to your website and by creating a client access page and implementing the Proofing Widget, your customer has an easy way of always finding their way to their photos.

If you like, having a client access page to your Online Proofing Sets also gives your prospective customers an opportunity to see what they can expect when purchasing a session or images from your studio. This way they can be exposed to some of the value that they get when purchasing images from you. Not only will they see your fantastic photography skills, but they can also visualize what their proofing set could look like and how they might like to share that with their family and friends. If, for the privacy or your clients, you have all you Proofing Sets password protected it might be a good idea to create an example Proofing Set that they can view as a sample .

By using Online Proofing and the Proofing Set Widget you not only present images to your clients in the best possible fashion but you can also keep your website navigation clear from being overly cluttered by extraneous links. Much of the time, the only people interested in seeing a Proofing Gallery will be the subject of the photos themselves. By using Online Proofing with the proofing set widget on a client access page you can keep your website menu clean and simple. Don’t underestimate the importance of this in the primary function of your website – to act as a marketing tool for your business. By keeping your site navigation clear and minimal you make it easier for your prospective clients to find what they are looking for. And that makes it easier to turn them from prospects to clients.

And finally, the proofing widget allows you to present your Proofing Sets directly on your home page. Taking the idea of making things easier to find to its logical conclusion: If you are primarily a portrait or event photographer and are using your website as a portal to selling images from your sessions, it might make sense to add the Proofing Set widget to your home page and make that your de facto portfolio.


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