Redframe for Mobile Upgraded – Faster, Beautiful, and Intuitive

The love affair between photographers and mobile websites is often lukewarm. It would be nice if everyone used cinema display monitors to view your images. However, we cannot ignore the fact that more and more visitors are viewing your website on mobile phones than ever before.  Mobile browsing has doubled since 2009, and the numbers just keep going up. Having a great mobile website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. With the recent mobile upgrades, visitors to your Redframe powered website will have a better experience viewing your products on their mobile devices, thus creating a better impression of your work.

What’s New?

It’s Faster.  The mobile Web is significantly slower than what people are now used to on WiFi or broadband connections. Mobile devices operating under a 3G network are still delayed in download speeds and many users still pay for bandwidth. Redframe for mobile  has been rebuilt from the ground up for optimal performance. Every bit and byte has been scoured over to make sure it has a useful purpose. The result is a faster loading and better-performing website on mobile devices.

More Refined. The new mobile upgrade will result in your site content adapting to smaller screens making it easier to see on mobile phones. This means that your customers will not need to zoom in to read and view content.  The new mobile gallery  is an elegant presentation of your work with a seamless touch interface that makes viewing web images on the phone a pleasant experience.

More Intuitive. As more people use their phones to access websites, they develop new habits while navigating mobile websites. Redframe takes advantage of this to deliver a robust new menu system that makes it much easier for your customers to find what they are looking for. Your visitors can browse your site with one hand, or even one finger.

An Enhanced Online Store. The online store has also been completely overhauled so that your customers can more easily select and pay for their image purchases directly through their phones.



Easy to access e-commerce buttons.




Multiple product options at their fingertips.


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Complete the purchase with ease and simplicity.





Bonus – Google Search Friendly

Google recently announced  “mobile friendliness” as a major factor in their search rankings. The new mobile update will mean that your website will not lose rankings within Google’s result for not being optimized for mobile.

Scan your website using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool and how well your site passes their test.  (note: you may need to try to tool out more than once for it to properly analyze your site)


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