Redframe Stats are Changing

As of July 26, 2016, we will temporarily be discontinuing the Redframe Stats area. It will soon be replaced by integrated Google Analytics derived stats. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you begin using Google Analytics for your web traffic information. Even if you don’t look at Google Analytics for a while, it will be collecting data that you can analyze at a later date.

What’s Happening?

Redframe and IFP3 websites will stop showing results for hits and visits that are calculated internally. This system was developed in 2006 and the results shown are not the most accurate reflection of your site traffic. Over the past decade, many free tools have been introduced that provide deeper and more relevant data about who is visiting your website. The reality is that these tools do a much better job than we do and are available to everybody and we feel that there was no sense in reinventing the wheel.

The grandaddy of tools to monitor and analyze your website’s traffic is Google Analytics. Though there is a short learning curve this provides an overview and granular data as to who visits your site and what they do when they visit your site.


How does It Affect You?

If tracking your web traffic is important to you (and it should be) then you are probably already using Google Analytics to measure the traffic to your site. If that is the case then your world will continue to be a marvelous place.

If tracking web traffic to your site is important to you but you rely on the data provided in your IFP3/Redframe admin area, well you weren’t really getting an accurate reflection of what was happening with your site’s visitors. Being forced to start using Google Analytics should be viewed as a blessing in disguise. You will be introduced to a whole new world of data and insights to which you didn’t realize existed. This new world will lead to new possibilities to grow your business and website.

“I really don’t care about stats and don’t have time to learn analytics, but I do like seeing how many visits that I have when I login to my Admin area.” If this is what crosses your mind then fear not. We are working on integrating Google Analytics into our admin so that we can display some popular stats right in your admin Area. This will not be fully ready in time prior to us discontinuing the current Stats platform but stay tuned for more announcements about it in the near future. However, this will still require signing up for a Google Analytics account.


Redframe Google analytics

Preview of Google Analytics in Redframe admin area.

What You Should Do?

If you are not already using Google Analytics to track your site traffic, then yesterday was the best day to start. You will need to get the free account and then enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID (code) into your Admin so that it will start collecting statistics. This is a good step to do even if you don’t think that you care about website traffic (again, as a website owner, you should).

Other Alternatives.

Though we recommend trying out Google Analytics as you start into the world of your web site’s traffic data, there are other alternatives (some free, some paid) that you might find work better for your needs. Though Redframe does not have built-in integration of these tools, we can most likely help you attach them to your site. Please check with the Support Team that we can indeed get this tool to work with your site before committing to purchasing it.

CrazyEgg (paid)

Lucky Orange  (paid)

Clicky (paid)