Faster Uploading and a Quicker Website. Yes Please.

During the next month Redframe and IFP3 websites will be migrating to a brand new cloud-based server platform. We are taking every measure we can to ensure that the transition happens seamlessly and there is no disruption in service. Though the technological aspects of it may be of little interest to you, we anticipate that there will be direct benefits to you that you will notice right away.

Faster Uploads – The new platform will be faster and have more capacity for handling uploads. We expect that this will save you lots of time when uploading large collections of images. Who doesn’t like more time?

Quicker Loading Websites – The faster servers and improved technology that makes your website perform better. That means faster load times, response times and happier customers. The cloud servers can react to where your site visitor is coming from and deliver your site from a server that is geographically advantageous for the fastest resolution of your website possible.

Stronger Security – The new server platform is more agile to adapt in the event of a malicious denial of service attack or other similar events. It is also better prepared to handle sudden fluctuations in demand such as traffic spikes.