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  • October 2, 2012

    Customizing Your Galleries Part 1

    Do you ever wish that you can make one of your image galleries look and act differently than the others? Or maybe you want every gallery to act look different than the others. One of the advantages of a Redframe site is that you don’t get locked into only one gallery for your entire site. In fact you have lots of options and can change every one of your galleries if you so desire. Why would you even want that? Maybe a gallery has fewer or more images than the others. Perhaps it’s a private gallery and you know your client has a particular preference that you don’t want to use site wide. Maybe you just want to add variety. Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you have the ability to do it if you so desire. Let’s look into how to do that. You will need to start on the Manage Gallery page of your Redframe admin area. Pick the gallery you want to customize and click the ‘layout’ button. This will result in the Gallery Editor appearing and the magic can begin. So that’s what you will see when the gallery editor opens. Notice that it states “This Gallery is using Default settings”. Once you make a change to any of the settings this message will change to the following: Notice that you are given the choice to revert to the default settings or use the new settings as your new default. If you choose to use these settings as your default, all other galleries on your site that are set to use the default settings will share these settings. But for the purpose of this article we want to keep this gallery as a custom and keep going. All the changes we make will then...