Page Layout

  • After dedicating hours of your life creating, organizing, and designing your site, you may be reluctant to change the look or theme.  Our new Menu Positioning Feature gives you the chance at a new perspective, without losing any of your content, features or hard work.  In the “appearance and settings” area of your main drop down, take a look at your header area.  There are some stylish new features there guaranteed to add a little feng shui to your site.   One click away from “default” is the “top fixed header”. Choosing the “top fixed header” gives your site a sort of roof, a solid menu bar across the top of the page that spans the entire length of the site,  drawing you eye to the top of the page, where you have surely put some important information.  You are still only one click away from putting it all back where you found it. One more click away from “default” is my new favorite, “left fixed”.  Having read English most of my life, my eye naturally scans a site from left to right.  A left fixed header moves out of the way when not needed, and the header animation feature enhances the menu’s arrival on the page.  When first experimenting with these animation features, I found myself rolling my mouse across the menu just to watch it appear out of thin air.  The differences in the Header animation features (fade, slide, and bounce) are subtle, but do add some nice interest when your site first opens. [raw] [one_half] [/one_half] [one_half last] [/one_half] [clear] [/raw]   The third new Header layout Type is “right fixed”.  The look is completely fresh.  It feels like you have put your couch on a diagonal and don’t have to walk around it anymore to get...
  • November 26, 2012

    Video: Setting Up Page Layouts

    Want to create a new page and there  isn’t a preset template that is exactly what you are looking for? Have no fear. It’s actually really easy to create a layout that is exactly the way you want it. Watching the following video will get you started. Have fun be creative and remember not to be afraid of making mistakes. You can create your page and play around with your layout until you are happy with it. Just leave the page setting to turned off until you are ready to display it publicly on your site.
  • With this trick you can work on your pages without your customers noticing.