• We’ve quietly released a new feature that allows you to have pages and galleries that don’t appear in your websites menu system. How does this help you and how would you ever use it? I’m glad you asked. Let’s looks at a few scenarios. 1. Online Proofing / A hidden gallery. Do you want to share a gallery that you don’t want all your visitors to see but you also don’t want to require a password to log in to. For example, you’ve just shot a wedding and want to share it among the wedding party. All you need to do now is make it a private gallery. You can then share the link via email and your clients can deep link directly to their gallery. Meanwhile their gallery will not appear in your web site menu, so your other clients won’t be distracted by it. Previously, a private gallery needed to have a customer account attached, requiring a username and password. This feature is still available, but no longer necessary for galleries that you don’t need security for, you just don’t want the general public looking at them 2. Hidden galleries accessed only from a portfolio page. This is good an option if you want to follow a minimalist approach. You’ll keep your menu navigation uncluttered but your clients can access the galleries from a portfolio home page. In this scenario, you could have a simple menu that only has home, portfolio, and contact as options. When portfolio is clicked on, the user goes to a page you’ve built with links to the galleries you want them to access. You can even skip a separate “Portfolio” page all together and do the same thing on your home page. 3. A hidden page. Why would you ever need a hidden...
  • November 26, 2012

    Video: Setting Up Page Layouts

    Want to create a new page and there  isn’t a preset template that is exactly what you are looking for? Have no fear. It’s actually really easy to create a layout that is exactly the way you want it. Watching the following video will get you started. Have fun be creative and remember not to be afraid of making mistakes. You can create your page and play around with your layout until you are happy with it. Just leave the page setting to turned off until you are ready to display it publicly on your site.
  • November 10, 2012

    Video: Adding Image links

    You can link to your galleries, pages, and just about any url.  Check out the video below to see just how easy it is.